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About Japan(Answer to your messages)

 Thank you for your e-mails and messages on BBS!
I got some questions about Japan. 
I will answer to your questions about Japan on this page, and I try to make this site better.
 I am sorry that I am not able to answer any sooner.  
 If you don't mind, will you write your country and whether your computer can read Japanese characters.
 Please write in simple English for me.      

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 When you are asked "Ogenki desuka?(How are you?)"
Usually,you say,"Genki desu.(I'mfine.)"
Other answer's examples are;

I'm not good="yoku nai desu."
yoku nai=not good
maa maa=so so
itsumo douri=as usual

Best site about Japan

  I can't tell which site is the best, because I don't have enough experience to see other sites.
Moreover, I am not good at reading English.....
Every sights perhaps are much better than mine......

 I haven't found out what the best site is  yet.
but how about these sites; NTT Information. Japan Guide

 You can search at Yahooligans


J Guide

Compulsory Education

 Compulsory education is nine years in Japan.
We go to elementary school which is called "Shou-gakkou" first for six years.
We go there when we are six years old.
After that, in age 12, we go to junior high school called "Chuu-gakkou" for 3 years.
Other schools (Kindergarten, High-school,etc) are optional.
But almost people go to High-school (Koutow-Gakkou) after they graduate junior high school.

 Students go to school 6 days in a week, from Monday to Saturday.
In Saturday classes are held till noon.
So we don't have lunch in Saturday.
In 2002, Saturday will be  closed.
The second and the fourth Saturday  of each month are closed as it's preparation period now.


"Omedetou" is "Congratulation!" or "Happy...."
You can use it for every good thing.
"Omedetou" or "Omedetou gozaimasu(polite)" is  almighty phrases.
We say this for every good news, birthday, anniversaries,holidays, etc.

 Happy Birthday is "O-tanjoubi omedetou (gozaimasu) ."
Birthday is "tanjoubi".
When we say it polite, we put "o" on the top,
so "O-tanjoubi is better.
Birth is "tanjou".
Day is "hi".
But in this case, it is put after another words, so we say

New Years greeting is "Akemashite Omedetou (gozaimasu)".
We say this to person when we first met in a new year until about 15th of January. 

Christmas Cake

  Almost Japanese perhaps say "Most important 
 food of Christmas is cake".
They are decorated with Christmas ornaments that made from chocolate wafer,etc.
  People buy them at a shop or make by oneself.
There are fresh cream cake butter cream
cake, ice cream cake,etc.
Round cake is most popular, but there are also other shapes like a bushed Noel.    

This cake is offered by "Yamazaki"  at 3,000yen about 7inch.

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