For Your Nihongo

Hiragana Font file ver 1.01 (Hiragana.TTF FOR Windows 98

1. Click "DownLoad" and Downroad the file.
2. Add the file in the font forda. 

This font is free.
When you use it, use it with your responsibility.
Don't use it for bad thing.
These are the symbols you get when pressing the keys normally:
1=nu, 2=fu, 3=a, 4=u,5=e,6= o,7=ya,8=yu, 9=yo, 0=wa,-=ho, ^=he, \=ro
q=ta, w=te ,e=i, r=su ,t=ka, y=n, u=na, i=ni, o=ra, p=se, @=" , [=o
a=chi, s=to, d=shi, f=ha, g=ki, h=ku, j=ma, k=no, l=ri, ;=re,:=ke, ]=mu
z=tsu, x=sa, c=so,v=hi,b=ko, n=mi, m=mo, ,=ne, .=ru, /=me, \=ro

These are the symbols you get when using the "shift" key:
!=!  "="  # =a(small) $=u(small)  %=e(small) &=o(small),
(=yu(small)  )=yo(small)
= =wo   ~=~   |=-
E=i(small)   `=@   {=kagi-kakko(upside-down of L)  +=;  *=*
 }=kagi-kakko(shape likke J)
Z=tsu(small)  <= ,  >=o  /=.   _=-
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