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 The first characters that Japanese learn.
I like hiragana best. As they are round shapes, they give me gentle impression.
When I  was a child, first hiragana I remembered were about the ones used for my name.   

                 Click Hiragana to see order of Writing Hiragana.
 2/20 Click  Romaji to hear pronunciation. ( From a to no, now) 

a i u e o ka ki ku ke ko sa shi su se so ta chi tsu te to na ni nu ne no ha hi fu he ho ma mi mu me mo ya yu yo ra ri ru re ro wa wo n a sound i sound u sound e sound o sound ka sound ki sound ku sound ke sound ko sound sa sound shi sound su sound se sound so sound ta sound chi sound tsu sound te sound to sound na sound ni sound nu sound ne sound no sound

Daku-ten(") is written after basic hiragana. It is same from ga to bo. 

Han-daku-ten(o) is written after basic hiragana. It is same from pa to po.

ga pa

Hiragana of small size are written in quarter of regular size.

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