expresses his beliefs that
"Buddha exists in our everyday lives".
in cubist forms as Picasso did. His sculptures are made of
special wood aged over 300 years and his vivid-colored sculptures are
very delightful and light-spirited. His forms, uniquely marked with modern iconography
such as cars, UFOs, and so on, convey the sense of happiness. and understanding
without preaching.

Gatten(The Moon)46cm --- The Buddha 52cm

Gatthuten is preaching, "Everything changes. Evrerything appears
and disappears. There is perfect tranquility when one transcends
both life and extinction."

If you want to see more artistic sculptures,
you can access to "Buddha in the Universe" in no time.

(No.1・A messenger from other heavenly body)

(No.2・The birth of Buddha)

(No.3・A space officer)

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*Zuiun Matsuda*