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Julia Zaretskaja

Yulia Zaretskaya was born in 1965 in Leningrad.
She went to the Johanson Secondary Art School.
In 1989 she graduated from the Repin Institute of Painting,
Sculpture and Architecture, graphics department, studio of V.A. Vetrogonsky.
A member of the Union of Artists (since 1990).
A laureate at the Fifth International Biennale of Easel and Print Graphics
≪Kaliningrad-Kцnigsberg 98≫
She lives and works in St Petersburg.
Since 1989 she has taken part in exhibitions in Russia and outside.

A graphic painter, Julia Zaretskaja develops the traditions of the Leningrad School
of Lithography, the Petersburg style of graphic form.
She favors the technique of black-and-white lithography.
Her prints are given the benefit of the black tone - rich, sharp, mobile, and soft,
it is almost physically felt through its velvet, impenetrable muteness.
The city - since everything she draws is related this way or another to the poetics of
St Petersburg - is enveloped in a haze, the specific atmosphere that creates
black squares of windows, shadows cast by buildings, hollows of streets made of one,
very dense and, at the same time, very ephemeral, stuff.
Each of her city motifs has one distinctly pronounced, heart-felt melody.
This melody is frequently sad, melancholic, ringing of hopelessness.
The light in her prints, on the contrary, liberates the eternal twilight of the city;
with its soft, rough grain of lithographic texture it disperses the blackness of
blurred spots, reduces acutance, softens contrasts.
The Petersburg motifs are almost always vague, nonetheless, they grasp the nature,
the mood of various places in the city.
The graphic language of her works, with its inherent lyric intonation, is close to
that of the artists of the Arefiev Circle, her attitude toward them being always
very reverential since their first encounter in 1985.
At the same time, her works are akin to Kaplans lithography with its particular relish
for the soft black spot, hatch and the cult of unspoken or unspeakable form.
Thus, her graphic works - both lithographs and pen-and-ink drawings - are penetrated
with the specific Leningrad-Petersburg graphic mood; apart from
the painfully-wrought lyrical intonation, they are full of dramatic incandescent passions,
anxiety and piercing loneliness.
Zaretskaja also paints, and her paintings enhance her dialogue with the city.
Lately she has been working in the “book of an artist“ genre.
She has produced two lithographic books based on works of K. Vaginov and D. Harms.

Main one-man shows:

1997 - Paris
1998 - The Museum of the City Sculpture, St Petersburg.
1999 - The Dostoevsky Museum, St Petersburg.
2002 - The Museum of the City Sculpture, St Petersburg.
Her works belong to state and private collections in Russia,Germany and Japan.